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MSC, a leading  company for the development of new food-culture welcomes you to MSC web-site.
 It is our honor to announce that we have been engaging in production of food additives for more than 40 years with our management philosophy focused on 'Customer Satisfaction with Top Quality Products.' We have endeavored to maintain perfect sanitation in all process and to pursue incessant research and development.
 In order to produce quality food additives, which we believe would be the supreme basis for healthy food culture,
we established the MSC in 1974, and further to actively adapt to the continuously diversifying dietary life and
to the development of food industry, established an Annexed R&D Institute in 1987. Through diversified
research and development, we have been successfully developing and marketing various food additives up
until today.
 Such a progress could have only been possible by your affection rendered to MSC in the forms of warm
support and endless concern. We, the management together with all employees in MSC, know well of
the obligation, and are happy to express our deepest appreciation to all of you. In the new Millennium,
the MSC will continue to create new values for food industries through sustained efforts in research
and development. Thus, we will faithfully do our duty, providing you with fresh new joys, as a world
leading producer of fine food additives.

Thank you.
President Kim Kil Jae

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