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First in Korea, Aloft in the World! - MSC is a corporate endeavoring for healthy future for mankind.

1.Basic Systems
MSC Co.,Ltd. Logo
Symbol Mark & Logotype
MSC's symbol mark stands for the spirit of the corporate - 'moving on energetically without
interruption' and management philosophy - 'supreme priority on customer satisfaction'.
Modifications of symbol mark and logotype require close attention, because it could distort the
corporate image or weaken communication effect.
MSC Co.,Ltd. Color
Colors of MSC Logo are important symbolic factor for communication of our idea and image.
These are the standard colors composing symbol mark. Specified color code should be
used as a rule. In case of 4 primary colors, following provisions for process colors should be

MSC BLUE(PANTONE 287C : C100+M80) - sanitation and water
MSC RED(PANTONE 1795C : Y100+M100) - passion and fire
MSC GREY(PANTONE 428:K20) - emotion and perspective
The MSC signature contributes to the unified image formation and consistent communication. The materials to be applied on are variable depending on the usage and condition. Therefore, it should be carefully used according to the presented ratio and modification is not allowed.
MSC Co,. Ltd. Signature - Up and down combination(multicolored), Up and down combination(unicolored), right and left combination
It is an image aid factor maximizing the visual effect of symbol mark and logotype in practical uses. It figures out the
image of rising sun and express the start for the future.
Character(multicolored), Character(unicolored
2. Application Systems
Systems applied to all prints, based on basic system, used for general supplies, forms, signatures, packages and
vehicles. Since applied differently for each coating, screen and print, application systems should be managed with
intensive care.
Business Card, Shopping bag, General guidance sign, Floor guidance sign, Pillar Sign, Bus

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