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the whole view of MSC Co., Ltd.
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MSC Co., Ltd. was founded in 1974 for making good food additives which will be the base for healthy food culture, and established Annexed Food R&D Istitute in order to satisfy diverse change of people's dietary life, and meet actively the rapid growth of the food industry, MSC has been continuously developing and selling high-quality food additives through multilateral research activities so far.
1974. 04.
Founded Myeong Shin Chemical Ind. Co., Ltd.
1974. 10.
Completed the construction of Carrageenan factory (Technical cooperation
with NISSIN KASEI, Japan)
1979. 06.
President Mr.Kim Kil Jae was inaugurated
1987. 06.
Established Annexed R&D Institute (Ministry of Sience and Technology
license no.462)
1991. 03.
Won the official commendation for Exemplary Taxpayer from National Tax
1991. 11.
Awarded the Export Tower Trophy and Minister of Commerce and Industry's
Award at the 28th National Trade Day
1993. 10.
Listed Stock on KOSDAQ (over-the-counter market)
1994. 03.
Designated as the Military Service Preference Company
1995. 11.
Awarded the Export Trophy on the 32nd National Trade Day ($10 Million)
1996. 05.
Won the Presidential Commendation for an Exemplary Minor Enterprise
1996. 12.
Won the Official Commendation for exporting $ 10 million worth agricultural
& marine products
1997. 12.
Changed the company name into MSC Co., Ltd.
1998. 06.
Performed Asset Revaluation (Revaluation Surplus : 1,097 billion won)
1998. 10.
Increased Paid-in Share Capital to 4.4 billion won
1998. 11.
Designated as Venture Enterprise (Small and Medium Business
1998. 12.
Won the Bronze Prize at the 21st Venture Enterprise Award (The Ministry of
Science and Technology)
2000. 06.
Set up a full set of PET Bottling Line
2000. 10.
Acquired ISO 9001 quality certificate
2001. 10.
Completed Boondang Branch Office Building & Opened Seoul Flavors
Research Laboratory
2001. 12.
Completed installation of ERP system
2002. 10.
Established CIP (Corporate identity Program)
2004. 02.
Completed a new building for the MSC Annexed "Food Technology Research
2004. 03.
Won the Exemplary Company Award by the Ministry of Industry and
2005. 04.
Awarded the Testimonial for labor-management cooperation and innovative
2005. 12.
Acquired the Quality Certification for organically farmed agricultural products
processing company
2008. 06.
Designated as Technology Innovation Small & Medium Business Enterprise
2009. 03.
Awarded the Export Tower Trophy for exporting $20 million worth
agricultural & marine products
2009. 11.
Acquired ISO22000 Food Safety Management System Certification
2009. 11.
Won the Export Trophy ($20 million) on the 46th National Trade Day
2009. 12.
Designated as GMP Application Company (beverage category)
2010. 08.
Designated as HACCP Application Company (beverage category)
2012. 03.
Awarded the Export Tower Trophy for exporting $30 million worth
agricultural & marine products
2013. 11.
Acquired Childrens's favorite Food Quality Certification
2013. 12.
Won the Export Trophy($30 million) on the 50th National Trade Day
2014. 12.
Acquired FSSC 22000 Certification
2017. 09.
Acquired MUI HALAL Certification
2018. 07.
Designated as HACCP Application Company (All products)
Subsidiary Company History
Gen Food co., Ltd building
Gen Food co., Ltd logo [HINOAJI]
Genfood Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 for specialized manufacturing of food and food additives such as sauce, natural color, and natural spice products, Genfood has the meaning that is public and universal food additive company. Besides sauce and flavor products, Genfood Co., Ltd. is taking care of the research and development related to jelly and dietary food products. Genfood Co., Ltd. launched Original Japanese Ramen franchise business, Hinoaji, which means the 'taste of fire', and is rallying their chain stores on a nationwide.
2002. 09.
Founded Genfood Co., Ltd.
2006. 07.
Completed a new factory (5,527 ㎡)
2007. 03.
Awarded the Exemplary Taxpaying Company Prize
2007. 12.
Designated HACCP Application Company (KFDA)
2008. 08.
Designated GMP Application Company
2009. 07.
Launched the original Japanese ramen franchise, Hinoaji
2014. 11.
Acquired Children's Favorite Food Quality Certification
the whole view of Miryang Agar-Agar Co., Ltd.
Miryang Agar-Agar Co., Ltd. logo
Miryang Agar-Agar Co., Ltd. as the largest of its kind in Asia, produces some 300MT of Natural Agar Agar and exports 80% of its output to Japan and others. Every year, with some 165,290㎡ of plant site in Miryang-city. Miryang Agar-Agar surpasses Japan in technical development for manufacturing of agar-agar product, thanks to the support of research activities rendered by The MSC Annexed R&D Institute. In 1999, the company was awarded the trophy for $10 million dollars export for the first time as agar-agar mnufacturer in Korea.
Founded Soto Agar-Agar Company
The President Kim Kil Jae succeeded management of the Soto Agar-Agar
1994. 06.
Established Miryang Agar-Agar Co., Ltd.
1994. 12.
Built the Agar-Agar plant (152,066㎡)
1999. 12.
Awarded the Export contribution prize for exporting $1 million worth
agricultural and marine product (the Governor of Kyungnam Province)
2004. 04.
Launched Online Shopping Mall
2005. 04.
Awarded the Export Contribution Prize for exporting $3 million worth
agricultural and marine product (the Governor of Kyungnam Province)
2007. 05.
Awarded the Export Contribution Prize for exporting $5 million worth
agricultural and marine product (the Governor of Kyungnam Province)
2007. 06.
Acquired the Individual Certification for the Functional Health Food
Ingredient of the Powder Agar-Agar GA-900 (MSC)
2008. 02.
Registered Patent for fast water-soulble strip agar-agar.
the whole view of Myeongshin Fertilizer Co., Ltd.
Myeongshin Fertilizer Co., Ltd. logo
1995. 02.
Founded MyeongShin Fertilizer Co., Ltd.
1996. 08.
Completed fertilizer manufacturing factory (17,520㎡)
1998. 06.
Designated as the Excellent By-Raw Material Manufacturing Company
1999. 08.
Extend the factory by 3,173㎡
1999. 12.
Designted as the Excellent Waste Disposal company (Ulsan City)

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