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the whole view of 'MSC Annexed Food Technology Research Institute'
MSC Annexed Food Technology Research Institute
MSC's Annexed Food Technology Research Institute, established in 1982 and formally licensed by Korean Ministry of Science and Technology in 1987, has been actively engaged in various reserches and developments for food and food additives related industries. Equipped with a variety of pilot facilities and precision test equipments, MSC's Research Institute is currently doing its utmost in developing new products as well as in controlling the quality of its products including carrageenan, agar-agar, natural food color, concentrated juices, seasonings, spices, flavors, and functional food ingredients. In the future, MSC will continue to be the forerunner in creating new food culture through its incessant R&D efforts based on the future-oriented spirit of 'Human First.'
the whole view of 'Boondang Branch / Application R&D Center'
Boondang Branch / Application R&D Center
The sales division of Boondang branch is in charge of selling products of our company in domestic market and Seoul flavor laboratory researches all sorts of spices. The sales division conducts sales promotion, advertisement, reception and management of orders, marketing research and product analysis, development of product. Seoul Flavors Research Laboratory is consisted of Sweet Flavor Office, Seasoning & Spice Flavor Office, and Application Office. It takes charge of R & D and the sensory test works of products.
the whole view of 'Miryang Agar-agar'
Miryang Agar-agar
Miryang Agar-Agar Co., Ltd. was founded in 1961 based on Soto Agar-Agar Company and currently has 165,290m² of the plant site in Miryang City. As the largest Agar-Agar provider in Asia, the company supplies approximately 300MT of Natural Agar-Agar on a yearly basis and exports 80% of its production to all over the world such as Japan. Especially, thanks to the research activities of MSC Annexed R&D Institute, Miryang Agar-Agar Co., Ltd. surely exceeds Japan in developing the manufacturing technology. In 1999, the company was awarded the Export Tower Trophy for the 1 million dollars export for the first time in record as an Agar-Agar manufacturer. In addition, the company was awarded the Export Tower Trophy for the 5 million dollars export in 2007.
the whole view of 'Myeongshin Fertilizers'
Myeongshin Fertilizers
Under the motto, 'Supply safe and superior fertilizer, and lead environmentally friendly organic farming.', Myeongshin Fertilizer Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. Using high quality residual products from MSC as raw materials, we produce approximately 30,000 MT fertilizer per year. We are receiving orders from National Agricultural Cooperative Federation and boast the highest actual supply result nationwide.
the whole view of 'GENFOOD'
Founded in 2002 to specialize in production of some specified food and additives such as sauces, natural food colors, food flavors and so on. The corporate name stands for a company producing popular and universal food and additives for generations. Its business activities cover application and development of jellies and fresh-green foods, as well as R&D works for sauces and flavors.

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