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MSC Carrageenan boasts high touch of clarity, transparency, and moisture retention
Carrageenan is a polysaccharide extracted from red algae that grows in clean seawater area, and works as the most suitable gelatinizer in various food systems.
It is used in processing of foods as suspending and emulsifying stabilizer, swelling agent, fat replacer, binder, dietary fiber, crystallization inhibitor, and gelling agent.
Aside from then use for food products, it is now finding a variety of applications in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other miscellaneous areas.
Today, carrageenan is much admired, having a great growth potential, as a pure natural raw material.
  Meat product
Dessert Jelly
High injection ham Meat product Surimi product Dairy product Dessert jelly Dessert Jelly
Instant jelly
Dairy product
<Usage> Type of Carrageenan Properties Main Applications
HGE Kappa from cottonii only High gel strength with KCI, mannan General purpose of kappa carrageenan
GHG Kappa from mixed seaweeds Elastic water gel high elastic gel in milk Dairy meat product
SP-100 Iota from spinosum Freeze-thaw stability elastic gel in milk Gelatin replacer in dessert jelly
HGE-F 200 mesh kappa carrageenan High gel strength in brine solution Injection use in meat products
CST Iota-Kappa from mixed seaweeds Freezing-thaw stability low syneresis Dairy, frozen product
GS Lambda-Kappa from mixed seaweeds Low gel strength low syneresis in milk Dairy product
GC-50 Kappa-Mannan co-extracted hybrid 5 times gel strength of kappa carrageenan Instant jelly mix powder(elastic)
LC-50 Kappa-Mannan co-extracted hybrid 2 times gel strength of kappa carrageenan Instant jelly mix powder(soft)
GF Iota Low Gel strength, Low syneresis gel Dairy products, toothpaste, stabilizer

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