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MSC Seasonings create pure natural taste
Being produced from natural raw materials such as cereals, fisheries and vegetables, MSC's seasonings help food products enhance their original tastes and flavors with pure natural smoothness.
Being consumer-oriented, MSC manufactures stable and consistent quality products through continuous R&D, sanitary production process, a variety of advanced facilities, and perfect quality control.


Processed meat products Beef extract(powder), Pork extract(powder), Chicken extract (powder), Bones extract(powder), Korean beef cattle powder etc
Processed farm products Onion concentrate(powder), Garlic concentrate(powder), Ginger concentrate(powder), Radish juice concentrate(powder), Pyogo mushroom concentrate(powder), Mushroom concentrate(powder), Dropwort concentrate(powder), Apple concentrate(powder), Strawberry concentrate(powder), Carrot concentrate(powder), Vegetable juice(powder), Black bean concentrate(powder), Black sesame concentrate(powder), Rice concentrate, Pear concentrate, Mixed vegetable concentrate, Raspberry powder, Banana concentrate, Hotpepper pwd etc
Processed marine products Crab, Shrimp, Clam, Kelp, Cuttlefish, Anchovy, Walleyed Pollack, Oyster, Fish, Dried Bonito EXT.(pwd) etc
Processed industrial products Kimchi, Kimchi stew flavor, Charcoal Gal-Bi flavor, Bulgogi, Jjam-Bbong, Peppery soup, Boo-Dae stew, Beef and rice soup, Spicy beef soup, Gravy, Iced noodles, Soy sause, Hot pepper paste, Soybean etc
Snack seasoning, soup Barbecue, Pizza, chicken, Onion, Bacon, Habanero Seasoning, Butter-Garlic Seasoning, Beef soup, Pork soup, Chicken soup, Kimchi-noodle soup, Hot-noodle soup, Rice-noodle soup, boiled fish paste soup etc

2.Other Seasonings

Oriental medicine products Licorice EXT., Japanese apricot, Maximowiczia typical, Chinese matrimony vine etc
Udon products Udon stock, buckwheat stock, Soy sauce flavored buckwheat soup etc
Seasoning products Peppery soup seasoning, Spawn soup, Spicy rice cake, Ja-jang sauce etc
Others Dumpling, Seasoning juice, Flavor oil, Pepper flavor oil, Tuna juice etc
Seasonings Making Process : Raw Material -> Extracting -> Filtering -> Mixing -> Concentrating -> Sterilizing -> Spray Drying / Vaccum Drying / Extract / Frozen Drying / Drum Drying -> Quality Checking -> Packing -> Product

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