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MSC Functional food ingredients tha are focused on human health
Health is the very prerequisite that we all admire for the future-oriented life. MSC is doing its best to achieve this prerequisite by producing high quality functional food ingredients, through its creative R&D efforts and continued investment in advanced refining facilities and R&D analysis equipments.
MSC takes pride in playing a leading role for enhancement of human health, and wants to open a bright new era for human health in the new millennium.
Functional food ingredients, which attract public attention as nutraceutical and healthcare materials of the next generation, can be applied to the development of new products in not only conventional food industry but also in nutritional andpharmaceutical industries.
Functional Food Ingredients Making Process : Raw Material > Extraction > Refinement > Concentration > Ultra-Filtration > Sterilization > Quantity control > Powder of liquid > Quality Control > Packing > Products

Major Products

Nanocalcium, Phoscalcium, HD Milkcalcium P-10, Soluble milk calcium powder, DHA calcium powder,
CMA Ionization calcium powder, Water dispersoble Fe, WS soybean polysaccharide, Fiberplus,
Chitosan powder, Water soluble chitosan, Chitosan Oligosaccharide powder, Oyster extract powder,
Mucopolysaccharide-protein powder, Fucoidan, Rose petals extract powder, Fishcollagen peptide,
soybean peptide, Coting sweetner, coting citric acid, White emulsion, Rice bran extract,
Rice bran compound extract(Natural antimicrobial agent), Fermented soy extract powder(Isoflavon),
Refined bleached shellac-L, Mushroom extract(phellinus linteus, Lingzhi mushroom, etc.),
Beta glucan(barley)

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