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MSC Sauces satisfy individual customer's varied requirements
The convenience foods represented as fast foods and DIY(Do It Yourself) foods like ramyeon, noodle and hamburgers are showing limits in meeting diversified consumer demands, thus it is getting popular to develop various creative tastes so as to satisfy individual customer's varied requirements especially from large franchise food stores.
Since consumer's tastes are getting diversified and picky, food firms are making every endeavor to develop such products that are fitted to customer's tastes. Accordingly, the market for made-to-order sauce products is thriving and its product categories are becoming specialized and widely sub-divided.
As a result, expert made-to-order sauce manufacturing companies are being emerged. In order to correspond to current trend, we, MSC Co.,Ltd, are focusing on producing sauce products that can meet the individual customer's diversified requirements, with its 30 year's accumulated know-how and skills of competent research staffs equipped with modern facilities. With strict sanitary maintenance and thorough quality control system, we take pride in producing world top class made-to-order sauce products that can meet best to the needs of our esteemed customers on any required time.

Major products

Sauce for
- U-Dong Dashi, Soba Dashi, Vegetable dressing, Salad dressing, Pork cutlet sauce, Bowl of rice capped sauce, Kalbi broth, etc.
Sauce for Small
  • - Sauce for dipping : Mustard sauce, Chili sauce, Pepper steak sauce, etc.
  • - Sauce for pot stew, soup : Deanjang jjigae(Soybean paste of Korean soup), Soondubu(Korean soup of soften tofu), Kinds of seasoned jjigae
  • - Retort products : Chinese sauce , Curry sauce, kinds of sauce on rice
Sauce for
Canned Food
- Barbecue sauce(for meat, seafood), Red pepper sauce, etc
Base for sauces - Pepper, Coriander, Clove, Curry powder, seafood based sauce, vegetable based sauce, etc.

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