Best in Korea
stand out in the world
Best quality.
Leading a new food culture
with the best customer satisfaction
  • Extending ISO 22000 certification
    to all products
  • 30 million Export Award in 2013
  • Opening Ceremony of Year 2013
  • Awarded Export Tower Trophy for $30 million
  • The Opening Ceremony for Year 2012
Gen Food, established in 2002, is a company
that specializes in producing food and
food additives such as sauces, beverages, retort foods, etc.
Gen Food means a food company manufacturing
general and popular foods that everyone can enjoy.
In addition to research and development of sauces and spices,
we also engage in business related to
jelly, uncooked food, and mixed grain powders.
Miryang Agar-agar is the largest agar manufacturer in Asia,
producing about 300 tons of natural agar per year and
exporting about 80% of it to Japan and overseas.
It is based on the Soto Agar, which was built in 1961 in Yangsan,
and has a production plant and a drying facility of 50,000 square meters
in Sannae-myeon, Miryang City.
It was the first agar manufacturer to win the “Million Dollar Export Tower”
in 1999 and the “Five Million Dollar Export Tower” in 2007.
Myeongshin Fertilizer, established in 1995,
produces about 30,000 tons of fertilizer per year
with high-quality by-products from MSC.
Under the motto, “we lead excellent organic fertilizer.”,
we take great pride in being the best manufacturer of auxiliary fertilizer
in terms of order/delivery performance from/to
the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation.
Hinoaji, a specialty restaurant serving Japanese-style ramen,
is a reliable food-service brand.
All major products(raw noodle, base, sauce, etc.), sold at
every Hinoaji store across the country are manufactured and
supplied with skilled technology directly by MSC and Gen Food.
Japanese ramen, which can be said to be the origin of instant noodles,
has a lot of collagen from stewed pig bones, raw noodles
that are not fried, well-fermented Tare sauce, and vegetables.